From where to stay in Providence to family-specific orientation programming, below you'll find useful information that will enable you to support your student as they make the transition to life at RISD.

Info for parents and guardians

Accommodations in Providence arrow clothed

If you're planning to stay in Providence during the summer orientation period, be sure to consider booking your accommodations through RISD's travel portal. Additionally, be sure to check out our guide for traveling to and around Providence.

Info for international families arrow clothed

If your student is coming to RISD from overseas and you have questions about visa and travel, please be sure to review our information for international students by following the link below.

Orientation info and events for families arrow clothed

Your student may be required to attend one or more of RISD's orientation programs. For information on our various orientation programs follow the link below. Several of the sessions are open to families and are indicated as such in the detailed daily schedules provided for the various orientation programs.

Shipping and moving in arrow clothed

Your student can begin shipping their belongings for the fall semester as early as June 15. You can find move-in dates for first year and transfer students in the incoming student timeline. Times for moving into the dorms will be specified as part of the detailed orientation schedules (and will be shared later in the summer).