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Making the Future

Alumni artists and designers suggest various ways critical thinking and hands-on making are more relevant than ever for producing meaningful work "of consequence" and meeting the complex needs of the 21st century.

Living at RISD

The community you and your peers create in the studio will grow and thrive in the spaces on campus designed to help you feel a little more at home. Residence Life is here to help you navigate the transition to living at RISD.

“What could be better than working with your hands for a good cause?”

Cass Sheedy BFA 19 Sculpture on POSE

Get involved with POSE

RISD's Pre-Orientation Service Experience (POSE) is a great way to connect with Providence through community involvement and learn about long-term volunteer and leadership opportunities. This unique program empowers you to use art and design to make a difference at the local level.

A Creative Community

"The studio" isn't only where art is made, it's also where community is created. Working closely with fellow students and faculty invested in your progress, you'll share valuable discoveries about the ways art and design connect to the world.