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Making the Future

Alumni artists and designers suggest various ways critical thinking and hands-on making are more relevant than ever for producing meaningful work "of consequence" and meeting the complex needs of the 21st century.

A Creative Community

"The studio" isn't only where art is made, it's also where community is created. Working closely with fellow students and faculty invested in your progress, you'll share valuable discoveries about the ways art and design connect to the world.

"Students here are phenomenal: hardworking, on point, willing, smart and engaged in active dialogue. That's a community I want to be a part of."

Keetra Dixon, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Critical Making

You’ll learn adaptable ways of thinking and develop skills that will help you create imaginative new objects, products, experiences and works of art. Through our programs and campus resources, your education becomes a journey that's unique, dynamic and engaged with the world.

The Studio and Beyond

Get a closer look at the inspiring spaces and specialized tools dedicated to making on campus. Not only will these resources facilitate your creative work, they'll encourage you to experiment with new approaches and explore fresh lines of inquiry.